There comes a time when we get tired. We are tired of trying to get clean on our own, tired of our own drug induced ways and tired of not knowing what else to do except to continue using. Once we surrender, we can begin to feel the hope that recovery offers. We have a realization that we have to change. We become willing to try another way.

Without Drugs there is a Void

This is where we open our minds to hope and a belief that there is some higher power that can help us get through this emptiness we feel. Addiction is a selfish disease. We only believed in ourselves. We controlled ourselves and ability to control others with our manipulations and we failed trying to control our using.

It will take doing something different to get a different result. This is where our hope begins and starts to looking for a Higher Power we can believe in to restore us and help us get through letting go of this addiction.

A higher power is a personal choice

No one can “assign” a Higher Power. This is a personal choice. A choice only you can make. It just needs to be a loving, caring, and more powerful than your addiction. Humans are humans. We make mistakes, we fail. A Higher Power should never be a single person. A Higher Power doesn’t make mistakes.

There are more than 800 faith-based community organizations that span the spectrum of treatment methods per Drug As the addicts mind begins to clear, they begin to think about the important things in life. They begin to have spiritual awakenings.N

Some Types of Higher Powers

  • God
  • Allah
  • Yahweh
  • The Father
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Jesus Christ
  • Jehovah
  • Buddah
  • Brahman
  • Nirvana
  • Mother Earth
  • Universe
  • Nature
  • Energy
  • Ego
  • Self-Will
  • Us

These are just a few. There are a lot of people that feel serenity out in nature. Some take a walk and just feel gratitude for what is around them. Some had a relationship with a Higher Power before addiction and started reconciling that back. Others search for a Higher Power by praying. They do not know who or what they are praying to. They may not even believe that anyone or anything is listening. But they reach out anyway in hopes of finding or feeling something. In time, they begin to see a Higher Power they believe in.

Others find peace and serenity through activities like walking, running, meditating, or dancing. Then there are others who find comfort and purpose in painting, drawing, sculpting and writing.

My Higher Power:

When I first got clean, I did not feel worthy of God’d love. I felt like I let Him down. I used the Group for a while just starting out. A group of people sharing the same goal, to stay clean. As time went on, I began to search and found God. My God shows up right on time. Not my time but his.

He is a good God that is love and power. He is all knowing and personable. I do the foot work and turn over things I have no control over. Evidence that my God exists is visible when I look out at a beautiful sunset or a thunderstorm. I feel God when I am watching the leaves fall to the ground with its brilliant colors.

How do we continue a relationship with God?

First is to surrender every day to the God of your understanding. Communication with God is mandatory. Prayer and meditation. I feel God communicates to me through other people. I feel he puts people in my path for a reason and a season. We have to be open-minded to hear or see it.

Lean on the Serenity Prayer for guidance. We learn what we can do something about and know what we need to turn over. That gets easier the longer we stay clean. Learning to trust God with my life scared me. Then I look back when I was in total charge of it and know God does a much better job.

If we do not continue to have a relationship with our Higher Power, we will start to take over things and make decisions we made in the past that were not in our best interest. In the long run, we would pick back up and get high.

With saying that, I have to remember where I came from. Remembering that, makes gratitude and communicating with my God easier. I do not want to go backwards. I do not ever want to be in that position ever again. It was killing me every day.

Remember where you were a month before getting clean, Remember what you said and did to others. Remember that animalistic behavior you did. And then thank your Higher Power for his love and compassion.


There are spiritual principles that come with beginning a relationship with your Higher Power. It is hope, faith, and trust. When these principles are integrated in our lives, we can be humble In NA, there is a 3rd step prayer that says, “Take my will and my life, guide me in my recovery and show me how to live.” It helps me all the time to align my focus on my Higher Power.

The need for a Higher Power started when I felt that emptiness inside when the drugs were gone. I needed something greater than myself or this addiction to fill this void. If not, I will go back out to fill it with drugs/alcohol because that is all I knew how to do. Or maybe do other addictive behaviors like gambling, sex, work, or food. It would definitely be something.

Getting and staying clean takes work. So I began to seek help from others and my Higher Power. This is a big step in the right direction of continued sobriety. Just focus on today and nothing that happens is more that you can handle if you believe and have faith in the process.

All the best to you all



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  1. Thank you, great article! When I got into recovery, one of the first things they told me was to find a power greater than myself. It really helped. The step one was to admit I was powerless over the substance, people, place, thing, etc. So after admitting I was powerless, how would I stop? Well I had to look to a power greater than myself instead of trying to quit my addiction on my own power. 

    It really worked! I have not gone back to my addiction in years. And it was with a lot of the advice that you wrote about today. 

    Sometimes people have had experiences with religion that make them not want to believe in an entity. So in the meetings we always said it’s okay to make the meeting your higher power. Since it’s a collective set of people who, together, could help each other stay clean and sober. 

    As long as the person feels connected to some source of power that helps them stay clean and sober, without having to white knuckle it.

    Good article – I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you for commenting on my post. I am so glad you got into recovery and took hold of the program. I used the group myself starting off. I cannot put into words what my home group has meant to me through all my recovery years. Always there for me and made me want to give back too. 

      All the Best


  2. Great-looking site and this is a very important topic to talk about. Way too many lives, way too many horrible destinies due to addictions. I have personal experience with this and I was very close to die several times. In my case I put my trust and faith to the stronger powers, I am Christian and living my life to respect He who suffered in the cross on Golgatha. However, I have been sober now +5 years and life is great again. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Congratulations on your sobriety!! Thank you for visiting my site and for the comment. I could not agree more with you.

      All the best


  3. Wow! Eveetyone has a believe even though they do not believe in anything, that is also symbolising a believe in something. Believing in a hughher power than us would definitely help us to keep on movingbon in life without having to look back to the things that could have happened. Having the fear of God and respecting everything God wants, it would help us to get back on the right path. Though at first, it may be difficult to get started with by feeling let down but with time, everything would become better. Thumbs up on this

    1. Thank you Tracy for taking the time to comment on my post. I agree, even if you dont believe in anything??it is still a belief. Take care and come back anytime.

      All the Best 


  4. Oh wow, this is very good. I think that it is a very good post that you have written here. I have to agree that we all need a higher power in our lives but how do we get a good relationship with him because sometimes we feel void. Like you, many people feel they do not deserve the love of this higher power. I think whenever there is a void in our lives, it needs to be filled. Thank you for sharing this as it is uplifting. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your words and feel free to share with anyone if it will help them. 

      All the Best 


  5. Hi Lisa!

    This is something that we should all think about. Becoming a drug addict can happen to everyone and it is damn hard to get back. I have a close family memeber thats going through the proces of recovewry right now. It sucks because everyone is trying to help him but at the same time, he is the only one that can make the decision for himself. I hope he finds something, a greater good, that can guide him along the way to full recovery.

    I will make sure he reads this arcticle.

    thank you,


    1. Thank you Richard for taking the time to comment on this post. Please share my website with your family member cause there are several posts that I am sure he can relate to. And you are so right. No one can fully help the addict. They have to take the steps themselves. 



  6. you have said it well and precisely. when one breaks off from an addiction there is the void that is left within, and it’s the reason number one for most people who recede back to substance abuse. 

    I believe the solution lies in what you have said in the concluding comments, to find belong in a higher power. I however heard of this saying from the bible that people have made a god after their own liking. that’s where maybe one will ask the question of who is the true one. But as you said, the higher power can’t be just a single person.

    It’s insightful

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on my post. You are correct about going back to what an addict knows best if they do not fill that emptiness. I appreciate it and please share with anyone it may help



  7. I agree that the higher power we should believe in should be a flawless being that is beyond everyone else that would help us to respect and fear it.  Though several faiths have different believes in several higher powers and anyone we believe in should always  be our run to whenever we come clean. Though it may come very difficult at first but it will be well over the time. This is really great and I feel a lot more people should have access to this information. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you for commenting on this post. We all are entitled to our own higher power. Please feel free to share my site with anyone it may help. If it helps one, it was all worth it. 



  8. Hello there thanks for sharing this wonderful pos. There is always this super power many people have in mind which they believe has supremacy over everything. Personally I believe the acceptance of this supreme power who we all can talk to is what makes us humans, and us being human would make us go to this supreme being when we are in need of assistance. Best regards.

  9. Wow, people who are not clean really need to see this post. It’s a really good one I must say and I have enjoyed reading it’s whole lot. Those who are clean and are thinking of going back should also learn that there’s a way to make that relationship with their higher power better. It is noyy just about saying it but getting closer. Like you have said,many people have different ways of getting closer to our higher power so we need to find ours. Nice post.

    1. I appreciate your comments on this post, John. If you know of anyone who may need some encouragement or to know they are not alone, please feel free to share my site.If it helps one person, it was all worth it. 

      All the best


  10. Getting in control of drug addiction is no child’s play.  The withdrawals, the relapse, the doubts and self-hatred. The only thing that can pull you through is the self-will and the joy of getting in control of your life. Trusting in God and praying for his divine intervention can help one through the toughest of battles.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post. I appreciate it and please share it if you know anyone that would benefit from it. 



  11. That is a very beautiful and inspiring story!  I am very impressed by you and your journey.

    I believe in a Higher Power as well and that is God.  I agree with you that His ways are different and much better than our ways.  With your eyes on God, I know that you can triumph through this journey called life.

    Thank you for encouraging me by sharing your story.  🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on this post. I appreciate it and am grateful for your words of encouragement. Please feel free to share the website if you know someone that could benefit or just let them know we are all on the same team.



  12. What an incredibly difficult journey that you have endured.  You can feel immensely proud of what you have achieved – with the help of a higher power.

    This is a great ‘meeting’ place and place of support for those of are of who have been addicted to something.  It looks like you have a great support network for those in need of it.

    Hope, Faith and Trust.  Such powerful words.  And sadly enough, when these are ‘broken or damaged’ by people who we love, we turn to alternatives because they are so incredibly painful when they have been broken. The key word is people who break them, not the ‘higher power’.  The latter will enable you to spread your wings and soar!

    1. Very well put! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. If you find someone needing support or information of my site, please feel free to share with them. We are all on the same team.



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