Drug Addiction Recovery Literature

Now that you are staying clean one day at a time, I want to introduce to you some literature written like an autobiography of your life. Whether your struggle is with meth, opioids, or other drug, having a program of recovery is mandatory for success.

I want to take a minute to bring you some literature that is available to help with recovering. 12 step programs, Spiritual programs, or at home Psych recovery all have books and workbooks that you can easily get and begin.

I encourage you to work these workbooks with someone that you trust in recovery. We cannot sponsor ourselves. We are the last person we got high with, it won’t work. You can find these readings and many more on Amazon.

Narcotics Anonymous

NA has its 3 books as well. The Blue Basic Text, Sixth Edition is the first piece of literature you should read. I guarantee you will think they have been following you for a while now. That is because it is written by addicts for addicts. It reviews the steps and traditions, but not in depth. It also has stories from other recovering addicts and how they started this journey as well. The Just For Today book is a daily reminder of life and how we can get through life on life’s terms, just for today. The How and Why book is the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions in more depth. There also is a Step Working Guide that many sponsors used to walk their sponsees through the steps. That is also available at Amazon

Above is the Recovery Bible Set. The bible includes scriptures and stories that coincide with the Steps and allows you to work on you. The workbook had relevant questions related to the Bible and it will show you who you are and help get rid of some past destruction. The journal helps this process by writing out events and feelings.

There is also Celebrate Recovery Literature by John Baker and they have meetings once a week usually at a church. This program is all over the United States. CR has step study nights and people that really care about you and your problems.

Above are some workbooks and daily meditation that focuses on your emotions. One reason addicts use is because of their feelings and there are several mindfulness programs out there focusing on changing the way we think and respond to the world around us. Baby steps at first.

Whether NA, CR, Biblical Life Recovery, or the study of Mindfulness, they all offer great support for the newcomer. Support of people who know exactly what we are talking about because someone has gone through it their selves.

They are a group you need to get to know if you truly want to do this thing. They want to help you, not take advantage or manipulate you. We are all at different degrees of sickness with this disease and at times personality conflicts arise, but your worse day clean from drugs will always beat your best day high.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them. I wold love to hear from some others. And don’t forget to click on the pictures and check out some literature.

Stay well and keep going strong,

One Day At A Time,


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4 thoughts on “Drug Addiction Recovery Literature

  1. This is a great website and could potentially be a lifesaver for someone out there. From seeing friends and family suffer from various addictions, including cough meds, it is a very difficult uphill battle to get ‘clean’ again and even more difficult if you don’t have any support system.

    Your website will help and refer people to resources which will make the journey to recovery a lot easier to bear. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hello

    Very good article on the scourge of drugs

    All the books you mentioned can help people who have taken the drug route, reading can show them who they are and help them.

    Recovery Literature gave me the impression that I believe meetings with him once a week will help more because the ‘Patient’ can express his problem and be exemplary by others

    Thanks for your informative article. It is very useful.

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment on this post. Meetings are a great source to find support. They are like minded people trying to do the same thing you are. Stay clean and sober. I get so much out of other people sharing and I feel safe enough to share my struggles, victories, and gratitude as well.

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