Finding your Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom?? This is where a person will finally see where drug addiction has brought them. Usually it is a picture of the addict not being able to go down any further physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They are still using, but their thoughts are being interrupted with all the loss they have gone through or how enslaved they are now to the drugs. My rock bottom statement was “I can no longer live with OR without pills.” Whatever “place” this is, for me it was filled with shame and guilt.

Different Bottoms for Addicts:

Bottoms will look different for different people. What is a bottom for you, may not be for me. Some people realize they have a problem when they begin to use several times a day. Some know it is a problem when they lose their job and can’t really keep one because of their behaviors related to addiction. That feeling of don’t want to live but do not want to die either.

It could be the loss of possessions, family, or personal serious illness. It could be getting into several fights, car accidents, jails or psych wards. Some times it becomes as bad as murder or an accident where someone dies. Maybe your entire family, kids and all, no longer want anything to do with you. There are lots of scenarios we could talk about.

I remember my bottom:

I remember being so tired of the hunt of my drugs and the emotional roller coaster of keeping up with the lies. I was so stressed out. I fell on to my bed bawling my eyes out praying to God. “Please either help me get off these or take me. I don’t care which at this point. ” I was serious. I could not stand my place in the world at that time. Little did I know God was working on a way.

Characteristics of being at bottom:

The main characteristic is to realize the need for help. We all have different values and truths in out lives and upbringing. We are from different socioeconomic status and have varied expectations about the world and who we are in it. That influences when we feel enough is enough. We are at this juncture in our life, but have no tools to do anything about it. The addiction usually continues until we find some answers.

Whether we call it bottom or not, it is a blessing to come to this place. This place in your life, may have just saved your life. This is where hopefully we figure out we can’t quit on our own. Whether we have tried a million times before or just thinking about it now, it can be done together.
I know God will show up. Sometimes in the last hour and/or not the way we expected, but He made a way.


Now we can go UP!

The only place lower is death. We do not have to go there. We can make life changes and change directions. Like climb our way back up into living as a clean person. We can recover. Some say when an addict is in this phase there is a sense of desperation. Desperate to come off the drugs and become a better father, husband or wife. We can take the first step and admit we have a problem with drugs. There is strength to this admission and ultimately surrender to this disease.




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