The Switch from Prescription to Heroin/Fentanyl

For years people seen their Dr and pain management Dr and it consisted of Prescriptions of opioids. Some took just as prescribed to assist with the severe pain from physical ailments. Some get their prescriptions and sold them. Lastly, there are the people who got their prescriptions, took them all and searched elsewhere to get and take more.

The new laws have made extreme cuts in patients quantity and leaves them to search for more. Some are going to Medication assisted Physicians getting Suboxone and Methadone while others find people that are selling them and acquiring them that way.

Cost effective and chasing the high has some addicts switching to heroin. On top of all that, Fentanyl is being added to these opioids and killing people at an alarming rate. Users sometimes do not know it is even in the drugs they buy. And if they do not OD, the addict begins to want more of that near death high,

Prescription Opioids just are not enough

Pain management is supposed to be a healthy choice for physical conditions that cause extreme pain. And it is a lifesaver for individuals that are not prone to the disease of addiction. For others, they develop a quick tolerance and then take more and more. The prescriptions start to run out way before next visit.

This causes addicts to start their search on the streets. They continue with getting the medication from the Dr and supplementing it with pills from others. This is old school pain management addiction. It has changed drastically in the last 5 years.

Switching from Opioids to Heroin:

There comes a time with a large percent of pain pill addicts that they really are searching for the next high and no matter how many pills they take, it does not get them high anymore. Another thing is the cost of pills are expensive and addicts get to where they can no longer afford them. Then they hear about Heroin.

Heroin is not a new drug at all but most addicts start with a prescription pain med before going to Heroin. The first time with Heroin gives the addict that high they have been looking for. But just like the pills, tolerance builds quickly again and more and more heroin has to be used. Meanwhile, all the areas in their life are probably suffering due to addiction.

The New Drug on the Street: Fentanyl

Above describes the graduating process from a prescription ordered for a physical condition to a full-blown heroin addiction. For the past few years a deadly combination is everywhere and is killing people daily. Prescription Fentanyl is 50-100 percent more potent than morphine. It is usually given for severe pain like cancer and end of life illnesses. There is also illicit Fentanyl made on the street and they are adding it to the heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and even pain pills. The user may or may not know it is in there. The illicit Fentanyl can be up to 10,000 times more potent than Morphine. This is one part of the increasing number of drug overdoses. There were approximately 70,237 overdoses in 2017 according to the CDC.

This is scary enough on paper, but when you are an addict, unfortunately it is all about continuing the drug or be sick. It is the cycle until/if the addict is ready to surrender and ask for help. This would definitely qualify for medical detox and inpatient treatment would be the best possible route to freedom from addiction.

The Fentanyl Crisis

Fentanyl is being mixed with heroin because it is cheaper that heroin and more potent. They can add it and make a much more profitable batch. Considering how potent the combination is causing over doses. Business is bottom line to dealers, not the user’s health.

This has become a crisis across the country. It is not just in the homeless arenas. It is killing doctors, nurses, and lawyers too. Some addicts start wanting and getting just the Fentanyl to get that really elevated high.

If you have noticed above, it is a cycle. Constantly looking for a way to get that “high” they were chasing since the first day. This will continue until the addict is ready to surrender and ask for help. We can’t do it, the police can’t do it. It has to be a decision or desperation to ask for help.


The war on drugs continues. As long as there is a desire for the drugs they continue. Unfortunately more people will be killed by this deadly combination before it gets better. Some addicts look back to the start of their injury or disease that started the need for pain medicine and ask “how did I get here.”

The physicians and health providers are getting more educated and with the new law of decreasing the quantity of medication that can be prescribed. An addiction prevention presence is stronger

it has addicts looking on the street more or getting into a medication assisted treatment program. MAT is medication with the rehab settings, like groups, to change the way they think and behave. It is one way to break this cycle and I am praying more people get to that point of “no more” “Something has to give,” and “I cannot do this anymore.” This is the start of freedom!!

All My Best,



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10 thoughts on “The Switch from Prescription to Heroin/Fentanyl

  1. Hello Lisa, this is a good post here. I think that more addicts get in touch with drugs and they all try to move from one to another when they cannot afford one. Like the example of switching to heroin. A friend of mine is a good example and he tried to mix drugs too. I think for him, it all started with pain reliefs and pain killers and it grew. We hope that the fight agaianst drugs keep up. Nice one!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. One thought that an addict has when they start another drug is that they do not have a problem with that drug so it is safe to start using it. I hate alcohol. Do not like smell, taste,  effects etc BUT if I really needed to change how I am feeling at the time, I would drink. I know though that if I continue drinking, I will start thinking about my pills and at some point switch back to the demon pills are and it is on then. I hope that made sense. Please feel free to share this site with your friend and I would love to visit with him. Thank you again


  2. Wow! So the genesis of most drug addiction comes from prescription from doctors? That’s rather strange to know of but not new to me. I think with the stricter rules in place, the level of adduction would be lesser. Also, the fact that fetanyl is not given the attention it truly deserves is really not good and this should not turn to an endemic before we take into full cognizance the beat way to fight it off. Very great post and I’d share it out to more people on the social platforms. Thanks

    1. Thank you for commenting on my post and I totally agree that fentanyl is not getting enough attention. I would appreciate you sharing with others. If it helps one person it is all worth it. The strict rulings is helping some but unfortunately the chronic pain patient that do not have an addiction suffer. Thank you Lisa

  3. It’s sad to see how heroin and Fentanyl affect certain people so much. I always wonder what it takes to lose yourself that much. I don’t think that prescription medication is that answer, and in many cases is an enabler. I was not aware that Fentanyl is so much stronger than morphine. That is pretty mind-boggling, and it would seem that prescribing such a medication is extra diabolical. It’s all about money sadly. I tend to agree with the cannabis movement, as it is a much safer alternative to these medicines. Thank you for bringing awareness to a very important dilemma in today’s society.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is a mind boggling thing I agree. The cannabis movement has begun and I am interested to see how it assists people and addicts long term. Cannabis is safer than drugs, but just as you think prescription medication is not the answer, I believe switching to Cannabis is enabling as well even with Dr card. I think we can agree regardless that there is a problem and if an addict would find a treatment that helps them stay off drugs, that is success. Thank you again for reading and sharing. Please feel free to share if you know anyone my site may reach. Blessings, Lisa

  4. Surprisingly I had no idea how these people see these risk facing them and still take it. Drug addiction should be taken with all seriousnes and these addicts should be given proper orientation about the effects of these drugs that over use. I’ll suggest they no longer give prescription of these drugs to people, rather the doctors should administer the treatments on their own. Best regards regards.

    1. Thank you Chloe for taking the time to comment on this post.  I appreciate what you are saying and I wish all it took was to tell an addict what could happen if they take that drug. The mindset though is that it wont happen to them, they know how far to go or how much they can take. AND others simply do not care about the risk. That is how powerful this disease is on the mind. The brain changes and the only thing that it seeks is that feel good (or just feel normal in late addiction) feeling.

  5. Seriously the rate at which people abuse prescribed drugs is quite alarming. Switching from one drug that can turn the user high to the next has become a common ritual any time the drug become scarce or not affordable again. Are you really swing medical therapy can solve the addict problems? Am afraid, the problem might have done great harm to the body before he/she think of getting over the habit. It won’t be very easy to be on the watch on how each and everyone of the citizens in a country for every drugs they are taking. Had it been it is possible, there might be more success in combacting drug abuse.

    1. Thank you Stella for commenting on this post, I appreciate where you are coming from. I know med assisted therapy helps many people. I also know it is not for everyone. There is no instructions that fit every one of us. But I do know if a person seeks it out, they can find it.
      Blessings Lisa

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