Truth of Addiction System: Does it work? My Review

What is Truth of Addiction System?

We all know there are many addiction treatment modules out there. Exploring different options to assist with that is a personal choice. The Truth of Addiction is a system that is evidence-based and has an in-depth approach to addiction.

The techniques found in the Truth Of Addiction program is a result of over 10 years of evidence-based research by A. Scott Roberts. He was a long time sufferer of addiction and tells his story of becoming addicted at an early age of 15. By using evidence-based practices, he was able to manage his addiction.

How This Model Works?

The Truth Of Addiction program is data-driven on how the brain operates and it had proven to help individuals struggling with addictions profoundly understand the brain, put some basic approaches in place and begin to recover.

What makes Truth Of Addiction so special is that it is backed up by extensive research and references are provided to the reader. It explains why addicts often relapse, what happens to the brain of an addict and why many loved ones of addicts can actually feed the problem.

A Scott Roberts has put together a great guide to help individuals that struggle with addiction. It focuses on the brain, simple approach to stop the addiction and recover. It looks at negative emotions instead of physical cravings as cause of relapse. Because of this, mindfulness meditation techniques are used to help addicts let go of the negative emotions that lead to addiction and improve recovery rates.

Does it Work?

Thousands of people have been able to successfully manage their addictions by these simple evidence based approach to recovery. The Truth Of Addiction can help addicts gain a greater understanding of addiction and what evidence shows about certain methods that can help reverse it.

Like any other program, it takes effort. We cannot wake up and be cured of this disease. We can apply the steps that have been shown to work and start to live without the cravings, desires, or need to use.

About A. Scott Roberts

The Truth Of Addiction is written by A. Scott. Roberts, an addict who has recovered and holds a degree in psychology, a minor in sociology, an associates in business and studies post-graduate rehabilitation counseling.

He has worked at a counseling center and has changed his life by following data-driven practices that have shown to positively affect the brain and the recovery process.  Today he pays it forward for others to be free as well.  I am grateful for that.

If you are struggling with addiction of any kind and have tried other treatment options that just do not work, this may be what you are searching for.

If this module interests you, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Put yourself 100% in it and make those changes. You deserve a life without addiction. You deserve freedom that comes with recovery.


I wish only peace and serenity for you.

Thank you


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