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I would like to welcome you to my site. Please take a few moments to read my pages and posts. I think it will bring you education into the world of addiction that is such a prevalent topic these days. Addiction touches almost everyone’s life in some way or another. It could be immediate family, friend, or acquaintance even, but it is there. Please feel free to comment on anything or questions you may have.

The reason I am sharing is that I have the disease of addiction. It is in my family and friends. Addiction is a progressive disease and could be fatal if not treated. I give a personal spin to the topics I post. They are about the science behind the addiction, my personal story, and what I learn from the surrounding addicts in my life.

I am hoping this information will help you understand the disease, be able to respond and know what to do when you are faced with family or friends who have a drug addiction. I want to educate as many as possible re: signs of addiction, what to do and not do, and solutions for this awful disease that has negatively effected our loved ones.

If you are in active addiction, I am hoping this gives you a sense of belonging and this provides hope and possible solutions to this disease. If you are a recovering addict, please comment and share your experience, strength and solutions that you have tried and worked for you.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below and let’s all join together to support and educate each other.

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